A tan person with a nostril, septum, and lower lip piercing, short brown hair shaved on both sides. They have flower tattoos on one shoulder. They are wearing black and white striped overalls. They have thin-framed glasses.

Mireyah Wolfe

Writer | Cosplayer | Photographer

Mireyah K. Wolfe (she/they/he) is a writer, cosplayer, and photographer living in the swamps of Central Florida.They are a pierced, tattooed, disabled Puerto Rican queer with a deep and abiding love of pigeons, much to the dismay of her dog and two cats. She is a member of the One Big Uwunion (IWW), and no, you cannot stop him from calling it that.

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Bunny Seville is 164 year old vampire, and keeping their home and work lives separate has been working pretty damn well for them. Well, it was, anyway.Now, they’re crushing on their dispatcher, accidentally adopting a 10-year-old with blackmail tendencies, and there’s some murder happening? It’s a whole thing.Content Warnings Include But Are Not Limited To:Blood, violence, drugs, car accidents, panic attacks, self-harm, sibling violence, hospitalization, body horror, snakes, dysphoria, survivor’s guilt, PTSD, sexual content and more.

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In Progress

- Guillermo De La Cruz (What We Do In The Shadows)


- Amethyst (Steven Universe)
- Camilla Noceda (The Owl House)
- Princess Tiabeanie (Disenchantment)
- Jim Jimenez (Our Flag Means Death)

© Mireyah Wolfe. All rights reserved.